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Support Heart, Joint, and Brain Health*
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Omax3® The Clear Choice

  • Pharmaceutical strength equals fewer pills
  • Developed by doctors associated with Yale University
  • Patented 4:1 Ratio of EPA to DHA 
  • Unique Blister Packs stops rancidity

  • Supports heart health*
  • Sharpens mind, mood, and memory*
Why I Switched to Omax3® Ultra Pure™
Dr. Joseph Maroon Reveals His Anti-aging Secret!
"At age 74, my joints ached because I didn't properly nourish them. I found Omax3® Ultra Pure™ essential in
keeping my body limber and pain free. This formula also supports my brain, keeping me sharp and focused. It is my secret weapon to defying my age as I just completed my 5th Iron Man in Hawaii and have never felt better!"*
Wayne Kurtz, 46, Guinness World Record Holder's Secret to Youth
"I take Omax3® daily and especially before a race," says Wayne. "I push my body beyond its limits. Omax3® keeps the inflammation out of my joints and muscles. And my mind stays sharp and focused. I know my body. I feel incredible when taking Omax3® both mentally and physically."*
Shelly T. Wall Street Analyst 
"My doctor was amazed with how fast my triglycerides dropped! She asked what I had done, and I told her I was taking Omax3® daily."*

Take the Freezer Test™
Put a pill of your store bought brand of omega-3 in the freezer overnight. Then put an Omax3® softgel in the freezer overnight.

The difference is clear. The store bought brand will be cloudy, even a solid white. This is the fillers solidifying. Many brands contain only 30-60% omega-3.

Omax3® will remain clear because it's 93.9% pure omega-3.  

Which would you rather put in your body? 

Forget the fillers. Get more of the omega-3 you want (and pay for) with Omax3®.
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Try Omax3® RISK FREE for 30 Days! If you're not satisfied, we don't expect you to pay!

"We set out to create a pharmaceutically-active formula that could provide the benefits of these essential fatty acids. It was a challenge but with Omax3® Ultra Pure™ you now get the extreme health benefits you deserve and at the lowest possible price."*
-Terry Tormey
CEO of Prevention Pharmaceuticals.

Extreme Health Benefits
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